Benevolent and Patriotic Activities

The United Daughters of the Confederacy remains the only lineal organization in America to fund a  program designed to care for needy women. The Mrs. Norman Randolph Relief Fund was established in 1910 and remains our greatest nationwide benevolent effort. Fully funded by private donations, these funds supplement the income of needy Confederate Real Daughters (daughters born to Confederate Veterans). . This is only one of the many benevolent activates sponsored by the U.D.C. 
The UDC is also proud of its patriotic activities with projects which are geared to Veterans of all wars. Many chapters sponsor needy veterans with gifts, clothing, cards and money. The list of Patriotic Activities of the UDC goes on and on. 


The UDC also sponsors scholarships for descendants of Confederate Veterans. These scholarships are offered on the General, Division, District and many times, even the chapter level. For more information contact a chapter near you or visit the Texas Division Website (link below).


Children of the Confederacy

The UDC also sponsors a children's organization for lineal or collateral descendants of Confederate Veterans with membership open to children from birth through age eighteen (18).

The C of C honors the same objectives as the UDC and the two, work hand-in-hand to achieve their
goals. These chapters are auxiliary chapters to the UDC and are under it's leadership and guidance.



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